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Daniel smiled at the cowering barrista as she handed across the drinks.

“You can flee now.”

She turned and ran for the back exit.

The Hancock Park Starbucks shook as another wave of titanic energy blasted out from the Paramount soundstage. Daniel picked his way around the tables which had been knocked over after the three Spirals had entered the cafe and the clientele had fled screaming.

“Here you go, one double espresso and a caramel frappucino.”

Twisted-Blade and Elektra took the drinks from the tray and Daniel settled himself at the table. They had stood by invisibly as he had worn the form of a dead ronin to help the gods and monsters who had gone to stop the antichrist. Now they were fully visible, a rarity for the pack. Twisted-Blade was aging so fast he did not know how much longer she would be with him, she had developed a cough recently and he could see his worry for her health reflected in Elektra’s dark eyes. His mates and packmates now watched him, waiting to see what mood he was in.

He raised his cappuccino to them in mocking salute.

“To the end of the endings and the long wait for a beginning.”

Elektra slurped at her frappucino, relaxing.

“So after all that,” she said, wincing at the brainfreeze. “You faced Jamie and you didn’t use that dolorous bullet, the one with his name of it that you’ve been carrying around for years.”

Daniel shrugged.

“It wasn’t him. Just a wish fulfilment simulacrum. He’s dead.”

“So are we if our Lord and Master ever finds out what we did here today.”

“Oh well,” he replied. “We’ll just have to be sneaky. Anyway, we left the others to do all the fighting, we just... facilitated.”

Twisted-Blade lifted her withered hand and threw back the espresso.

“So,” she croaked. “How are we going to destroy the world?”

And the three packmates settled down to plan the destruction of all existence, the annihilation of creation and how to get a good coffee after they were done.
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