Jan. 29th, 2010

Last words

Jan. 29th, 2010 06:29 pm
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“What will you do ?”

“Well, our duty here is done, we fought in the last battle … and then the one after it.
We’ve even seen the defeat of the Antichrist and there’s not many that could say that”.

But ….. what will you do now ?

Well we’ve patched up the ship so after consultation with the crew, the consensus is we look for the maiden with the inky fingers, as some of our new crew labelled her, and see if she can show us the way.
As one of the new ones said we save the Ferryman and we save the world

But you don’t know where she is ?
Or even if she still exists ?

She’s not dead. That much we know.
So we’ll take our little fleet and we’ll just go looking for her.

How long for ?
As long as it takes.
After all we have all the time in the world

But you’ve slaughtered the quick – You’ve broke every part of your Dictum Mortuum !

Yes I have foresworn myself. I have broken every law I have sworn to uphold, I have become what I beheld and I am content that I have done right! But, if I get this lot home then maybe I’ll get some measure of forgiveness.

You’ll never be free of me Archie – wherever you go – there I’ll be.

I know, Shadow, so maybe there’s a chance for us both.


Good game people & my compliments to both the ST team and the players involved. 


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