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[INTRO]A falcon wheels alone in the white sky. The camera swings down to a circle of desolate moorland, then closes in on:
There's no time for usRobin and Sulien stand watching each other, leaning against stones at opposite sides of a stone circle. The camera circles around them, catching identical expressions of weariness and pain on each face.
There's no place for usRobin grabs the whisky bottle from the pub table he shares with Sulien and blunders out of the room, letting the door slam shut behind him. Everyone looks at Sulien. The camera zooms in to show her fixed expression as she stares after him, one muscle twitching in her jaw.
What is this thing that builds our dreamsIn a packed registry office, Robin pushes a veil back from a face that is not Sulien's and kisses his bride. [1]
Yet slips away from us.The camera pans across the guests, then slowly zooms in on Sulien in one of the back rows. Her mouth is twisted in an ironic smile, but there are tears brimming unshed in her eyes.
Who wants to live forever?A Greek-looking woman lies motionless in the long grass, bleeding from the throat. The camera pans up from her body just in time to catch Sulien coolly stepping into the path of a monster.
Who wants to live forever?Covered in blood, Robin rocks the lifeless body of his wife. Camera draws back to show Sulien, ragged and battered, standing some distance behind, motionless except where the wind lifts a few strands of hair.
There's no chance for usRobin puts his arms around Sulien and pulls her to him. She twists out of his embrace.
It's all decided for usA sweating and exhausted Sulien pushes a small baby into Lucy Nikitinevich's arms. Her hands linger on it for the briefest of moments before she draws back and turns away.
This world has only one sweet momentSulien walks confidently towards a man who is not Robin and kisses him passionately, and with a touch of desperation. [2]
Set aside for usAlone in his house, Robin sighs and drains a glass of whisky in a single motion.
Who wants to live forever?Night time. Sulien strides almost directly towards camera, leaving firelight and a confused-looking Robin behind her. Her jaw is set and her fingers clenched tight around her spear.
Who wants to live forever?Camera draws back to keep pace as she starts to run. Scene switch: Sulien surrounded by banes. She spits one on her spear, so hard that her spear point stabs deep into earth, but two more start to close in.
Who dares to love forever?Robin stands at the edge of a circle of stones. At the centre Sulien, looking battered and tired, clasps arms with a couple of people. After a moment she glances past them, straight at Robin. He turns on his heel and walks away.
When love must die.Sulien falls from a great height, between two high buildings. Camera moves in on her crumpled and motionless body. [3]
[INSTRUMENTAL]Robin stands back-to-back with a much taller man, surrounded by enemies. The taller man starts to fall.

Sulien, her lip bruished and bleeding and one arm bloody and limp, circles a massive norse-looking man bearing a hammer. [4]

Close-up of fingers unfolding a letter written in an elegant cursive script. Camera zooms out slowly to show Robin suddenly crumple it, throw it against a wall and bury his face in his hands. [5]

But touch my tears with your lipsOn a rise above the ruined city of London, the camera zooms in to show Sulien sitting alone with one knee pulled up to her chest, her head bowed and her face hidden by her hair. Her shoulders shake as she cries.
Touch my world with your fingertipsA weary-looking Robin, his face lined with grief, walks into a breeze full of dandelion seeds which he brushes away from his eyes. One drifts into the camera, blotting out the scene.
And we can have foreverRobin takes a few steps forward to catch and hold a Sulien whose face is turned determinedly away from him. She turns her head and they kiss, fiercely, clinging to one another.
And we can love foreverRobin pushes Sulien and she overbalances into bed, laughing and swearing at him. He follows her down.
Forever is our todayIn a packed registry office, Robin brushes Sulien's hair back from her face. They kiss.
Who wants to live forever?In a flurry of beating wings a falcon explodes into the sky, following an accelerating silver wolf.
Who wants to live forever?Surrounded by enemies, Sulien and Robin fight back to back
Forever is our todayBanes gather around a small circle of people as within the circle Sulien grabs Robin's muddy hand and heaves him out of the bog. [6]
Who waits forever anyway?Sulien and Robin embrace in the shadow of the vast bulk of the Wyrm. As they do so, the air itself seems to catch fire. They are silhouetted against the explosion for a moment and then the entire screen turns red and white. The scene fades into falling ash.

[1] His first wife, Caragh
[2] Daniel
[3] The fight against the Shaktar, in the middle of the four year break.
[4] Duncan's ghouled Get of Fenris cub
[5] For the fast readers in the audience:

Not sure what to say. Everything I might want to say I've already said. Been a while, but I've always held by my words.

You do what you have to. Life's a bastard.

I do believe there's a decent future out there somewhere. I hope you find it.

See you later. Try not to make it too soon.


[6] The recovery of the heart of Rorg.
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