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Hello to ALL ex ZG PLAYERS....

I meant to ask this ages ago, but never got round to it.

I didn't attend the final battle IC, although I wish I could have; so all my knowledge of the 6th Age is somewhat piecemeal and second hand.

If you have the time - and I really hope you do - please can you list your characters, their venue, and in a brief sentence or two what they did or where they went in the 6th Age?

I don't require an essay or saga, it's more like a CV - what were they, where were they, and what did they try to do or become in the 6th Age?

I'd like to know for curiosity's sake, and also I think it would be a lovely 'afterward' for the ZG chronicle. (Above and beyond the 6th Age stories which have been written here already.)

C'mon, fill this in for everyone, for all of ZG and the crazy frustrating epic brilliance it entailed!

I know also that in ZG cannon everyone was encouraged to walk into their own sunset (as it were) and that there's a possibility some of those might conflict. In this case, please offer up the neutral option if it impinges specifically on another character/re-occurring NPC/etc.

For example, "In the 6th Age, I kill X' is not the best thing to say. However, "X is my enemy and I seek to thwart or destroy them whenever I can" is perfect and brilliant.

Perhaps what I'm really really after, is a set of notes and people who bridge the 6th Age and therefore getting a clue as to how long it lasts and whether there will be a 7th Age or even what it might be like...

For example:

Ash (bastet/kitsune/luna/etc) - Kicked Anhelios in the nuts and managed somehow not to die. Found Rkleish reincarnated as a god of mischief. Kicked him a lot for dying and leaving her. Eventually killed the Furies and became the Goddess of Vengeance. (It would have been 'righteous vengeance' but she liked Horus too much to stab him.) Still works towards a 7th Age of Harmony and is adamant that's what Rkleish owes her. If given the chance would happily kill Scythe or Pints or a couple of other people because of the part they played in Rkleish's death previously. (No, she is not very logical about this.)

Bedlam/Cinnamon (vampire methuselah of oh-dear-gods) - She can world walk and so left as Malkav was awakening. She'd seen Gehennna before, didn't want to see it again. She took all the Malks and the insane people who would follow her and left the universe for a different one. Her aim is to keep Bedlam alive and care for the insane. She'll visit again in the 6th Age but not get involved unless she needs to.

Black Keziah - (Dark Ages Sabbat Demon Slaying Grail Knight thing of Doom)- Hadn't been around for a long time as the ZG Sabbat made her despair. She probably turned up to the Final Battle somewhere, kicked demon arse and then spent her time 'porting between Cairn Doon and the ZG 6th Age, killing demonic things wherever she could.

Mercy (mortals, killer space-psi-mutant-android of doom, kinda Leslie Penhaligan's daughter)- Grabbed Eric the Ratkin and fought beside him on the Final Battlefield until it looked like either of them might die at which point she removed them both to wherever the matrix in her head allowed her to map to.

Seraphim - (Dark Ages Gargoyle) I have no damn idea. She would have fought, but whilst she loathes Tremere and demons with a visceral passion, she's old and smart enough to know that sometimes you hang back, away, or hide so there can be a greater victory tomorrow. She'd be on the side of high humanity types at any rate.

Doc Holliday -(mortals) Don't know. Last I knew his 'Holliday' persona was on the wane and the normal modern day 'Lucas Crane' was on the rise. But since Lukas thought Holliday was better than him, and Holliday would have done anything to keep Kate safe, who knows? There's a very high chance he's dead, but if so he died defending the one he loved.

Malice Harpy of Chester - Oh, fekk knows. She was an unbelievably ancient and evil bitch. She'd probably be on the side of the demons, but in a lovely and subtle way, trying to sell out the Cam if she could =P

Any other details, NPC or mayfly character not mentioned you're welcome to ask about, and that would be shiny.

But most shiny of all would be this post being archive to a host of stories and characters in crystal brief for the 6th Age.

You never know, that way maybe we could play a 7th...... =)
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