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Zeitgeist Shadows

Fiction set in the Zeitgeist larp world

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Name:Zeitgeist Shadows
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This is a community set up on the same basis as shadow_writers was for the CamUK continuity.

However, this journal is for those scribblers and doodlers of the Zeitgeist independent larp. If you play, ever have played, or are interested in playing Zeitgeist and have an interest in the stories produced, then this community is for you.

Post stories, or pictures. Anything you want to be kept strictly OOC or is of a sensitive nature, put under a friends lock. Anything information gained here is to be kept strictly out of character.

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antediluvians, apocalypse, art, ascension, backgrounds, banes, being creative, camarilla, changelings, characters, cheese, combat rounds, drawing, fenrir, fomori, gangrel, mages, mithras, mummies, mysterious empty cities, order of hermes, plague, sabbat, stories, the code of hermes, the masquerade, the veil, toreador, vampires, ventrue, werewolves, writing, zeitgeist larp, zombies
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