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9 there were, strode upon the field

Three times three, power beyond compare


To begin the king and his court

Phoenix King, Bold as brass, fighter without measure

Prince of night, Sly of wit, magician of fate

Luna’s regent, Strong of arm, tough as an Ox


Followed by the Knights of Life

The Bishop, Strong of mind, faith unmeasured

The Templar, hunter of devils, death to evil

The Hand, Leader of men, wise of council


Lastly the Wolves of Albion

Bride of sun, sorceress unbound, happiness renewed

Groom of light, defender of life, love reborn

Warrior of dusk, born of death, hope re-forged


Heroes of old fighting darkness without end

Impossible the others said, no one can defeat the Wrym

Nameless were does who said it could not be done

Pricks of light against the darkness

The beast roared and started upon the heart

Fighting despair with hope and passion


Hours and days the battle lasted

Titan of hatred smashing forth and laying waste

Heroes stood amongst the slain

Lives they gave to pass on life for the future

Eight were felled by the heart of Darkness

Weakened they held it, Gaia lives


The phoenix child survived to give hope

Carried a message from his mother, A hero will come

And with him the 9 Warriors old waiting to be renewed and reborn

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He stood, still and unmoving, waiting, this was the part he savoured the part before the kill the time when he could imagine it all in his head, the only movement from him was the claws sliding from his hand, as hard as steel a gifts of the wolf father.


His eyes opened at the sounds of gunfire, he grinned the fight had started, he held his arm out to hold back the pack of Fenrir with him `Hold, I know you all want to go kill things, so do I, but we have to wait, that glowing guy Thad says we have important work later’


He stood and waited watching the explosions and listening to the sounds, it sounded to him as if they were winning but he couldn’t really see to the front too many people in the way, then the largest chunk of rock he’d ever seen came crashing from the sky and the army was gone, the devastation almost total, where once there were thousands there were barely hundreds.


`Bloody hell’ the bishop proclaimed as he saw the thing turn towards them, it was a thing of knightmares, a thing to haunt the dreams of predators, looking around people, wolves and rats were fleeing, he considered the same but the realisation was upon him, there was no running from this.


He turned to the Garou beside him `I know none of you like me, I know you all want to kill me’ the pack sniggered and one stepped forward saying `Indeed we do, so why don’t we do it now’ Alex grinned `Well I’ll make a deal once we kill that’ pointing to what seemed like the centre of the mass of tentacles and psuedopodi `you can all have a free shot at me’ he turned and started moving towards the beast the pack followed.


As he closed upon the beast `Sabbat Charge’ he screamed as he and the fenrir closed. He noted with a smile that they had responded, Nikolai as always faithful to the last a Kindred sired to be a templar if ever there was, Ellen not someone he would ever see as a friend but was the ultimate pinnacle of what it was to be Sabbat, Then the SFS the Archbishop and his pack once he thought they might be enemies but the challenge over Jack had somehow forged a bond between them stronger than the vinculam a devotion of choice rather than enforced. There were others but he did not know who they were, they were not Sabbat so he did not need names.


The darkness swung at him and the wolves were gone, just a handful remained, he felt a moment of regret he’d almost liked the Fenrir. Then he stopped as a wall of sun surrounded the band, it didn’t last long as the wyrm moved through it, but long enough for him to feel a tap from the archbishop, and he saw the wound that Pints had delivered and he knew what he had to do, if he could claw his way through to the heart of the Wyrm he could stop it, fate was on him his time at hand he charged.


His claws came out removing chunks of what he did not know, all he knew was that he was winning the beast was trying to strike him, so he must be right, he dug, he clawed, he ripped, if it moved it was his to destroy. He was the ultimate predator he was perfect he would kill the wyrm, take its head and shove it into the face of that smarmy Italian who had dared question him the week before, he could have the antideluvians Alex’s prize was greater.

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This one is for my Tegan girlie )
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They charged it, the great beast, eyes and tentacles and maws across its form, undulating, twisting, bending, the beast, the wyrm,
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((Apologies, this isn't that good, but I want to get something written whilst it's still fresh in my mind)).

It's not every day you end the world... )
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the meteor struck and from his position he could see the damage it had done to the lines, a few of the gangrel with him and Kieran had died, the thing, this monster was now close,

a final charge for gaia )


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