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*walks across a small tidy art studio*
i can do this i can do this......
*turn and step back the path the bought her before a large mirror*
i can.. oh fuck i cant... 
*drops to her knees clutching at her chest face twisted in pain.*
*fingers reach out touching the cool serface tracing the pits and falls artistic fasonation kicking in her mind trying to glaze the world over.*
#time passes#

*drawing a shuddering breath strighting her solders and suddenly looking like a reagal queen even in paint splattered jeans and top*
i can do this sain thing, will walk the line. ermm 
*she looks down at her feet*
ok maybe getting some one else to draw the line could be a good idear.

*frayer turns from the mirror, picks up a brush and adds hilights to a painting she has been working on for a cupple of months. a young spinx sits on a rocky ledge blood from its last victom fresh and bright.

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From a diary.

Why did he have to ask me? We was the last left on the set of lets make the world a better place. So what prompted him to ask and more inportant how did he manage to crack my shell so?
Dam him.

Why do I hurt them? Even with such a trival thing as relaying information. Thrust deep was the blade of words, deep and painful. I'm sorry, so sorry.

So most of the cast of lets safe the fucking world seam to think me a small child, question my disigions to to with me. I'm confused how some one so knolageble and well famous as Mark could say he was sorry. Did he not realise I was not hurt, more sad that telling me off was more inportant than lissoning.

Most of them have there own views, can't see about them. Most of all I feel that they are forcing there views on me and others. Take Daniel, sweet bloke. He was dating, but the cast of lets rull your life and skrew you over, thought that it was there bissness to meddle in Danials personal life. It went bad is all I will say.

Rehamer, got to go on a blind date. Let me tell you that woman needs a little joy. But the bloke turnes out to be part of the bad blokes.  To say the cast was happy would be a lie. Its causing Rehamer problems, like cutting her up. How long before the cast beat her with a iron rod of idears???

SO after a particulay shity episode of as the fucked up judge the world. I ask myself how could such soft words get to me. Maybe Danial could tell a mask, for he also walked about with one. Clay holding the bleeding flows, iron bindings on the lose pagers of ........

Is it right to acheave eternal peace wading through all this blood and pain.
So much pain, so much to soak up, this sponge will......


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