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I thought I'd post up some of the mini-fiction pieces that I wrote about Shadow whilst I played ZG. These aren't in any particular order, but for me the character just resonated on a level that I hadn't had before, and for which I am eternally greatful to annwfyn for helping me create.

The Night Before )
Shadow and Sulien )
Shadow at Home )

Shadow in the Storm )
Shadow, Meg and Aeryn )
Shadow's Run )
Shadow's Speech )
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This one is for my Tegan girlie )
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He had become her sun, just as he was supposed to, just as Heaven ordained.
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It's called living.


I know before he tells me. It's the kind of thing you do know, when you've done this job for as long as I have. Some things about you - they don't change.

And... it's OK. We've had longer than I ever dared hope for. Three months - an entire season - spring into summer. Riches undreamed-of. A day would have been enough. An hour. One kiss.

Dancing's done. Time to pay the piper.

I put aside my distaff and I pick up my spear again. And I turn to face the man who I've loved, and lost, and left to fall into despair and drink, and at the last, impossibly, incredibly, loved again; and I can see it in his face too, the foreknowledge of both our deaths.

"Orders?" I ask.
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Ashnemain was aware that there was a perfect and correct way to prepare oneself for death.
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