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why my lady when you spoke people lissioned. with me they just look like i would be better off dead.
you called a pack and people came. i hold a pack and they melt on the night like shadows. so much for famoly loyaty.

sigh i never expected to keep cara, she was to old and i was .... well not you. gabrella well i had more hope. well you will never meet the boys i have. would you aprove?

so hear i am my lady again watching the darkness trying to keep time from slipping, just for a little longer. what did you see i wonder on that night. well that is my question and one i will one day get a answer to. mean while i still work on every elsers questions. the fools.

well my lady i must go, boys to feed and homes to keep. untill the web brings me close again.
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sitting on the park bench feeling the hot air on her skin, strangly was carming. for once ivy had stilled her mind casting out all but one thought. it felt empty not not think more than one train of thoughs, puzzling out five difrent problems at once. it was a skill, one she still kept hidden lest others found out and that would nolonger leaver her free.

how do you get in a room with no door. vagly she rembers a odd story about a room like that from her childhood, yes it was english class. they was doing something else in the text sorce book, it was borring and she had read it twice befor they half the class was into the first paragraph. but the tital had cought her eye as she had skimmed thought. felt that formiller tough of look hear little one a puzzle and so ivy had read it.
the sory was vage and to be in a gcse text book probaly held little of the truth left, just a fleeting shadow. like the memory now.
hintting at a posable way to help, if only she could catch the ghost. a room with no door. as a child she would have said magic and left it at that. now the words magic ment so much more. her power to hide was magic. what others of the sect could do with a little blood was magic. yet neather was. 

shadows lenthen as she sits, no one noticers her. they shy away with out knowing why. there brains telling them on a base leval that keeps man alive, danger and keep away. ivy was not pritty, ivy could baily walk her limbs so twisted and unable to suport her. pain raced up and down her body, but realy was nothing she had not got used to over her 10 years. getting up she shambles, left side leading and it was only the fact her right was conected to it that the right came potesting. two steps dragging that unfaithful limb and it would give out, causing her to stumble and stop. gritted teath holding back her anoyance. oh she could fix it, force blood to straighten out the arm from its clawed form tightly held to her body. force blood to the leg and it would let her walk like a teen again. it was her choice to run the rish of one of the other packs seeing her so..... so week.....so nosfratu......it made her smile.

in the dark she had set whispers, sent her little plan in motion, it would inrish the sect. by them a little time. looking at the big dam of problems the sabbat had, her little finger in one hole was nothing. but then if she took it out then fracutres would happen and not even the grat vladimear zanatosa could hold that dam in place. oh let them run at the dam head long. ivy would be quite happy to do her little things in the shadows, did they even realise she was there?
" time will tell my lady, it will see if they rember that the world is made of many parts and not all of them grand."

so how do you get into a room with no door.  she smiles. make your own door or better still remove the room, then the problem is no more but had moved to a difrent form. dragging her form back to her nightly walks, it would be longer tonight than normal, just a cupple of jobs left but that was just the tip of the ice burg to hold her suwers in safety.
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i know she will have had a strem of visters to indulge in the fruit the new bisop has offered them. i understand all the difrent resions for going from its expected to the need to curry favour with him.
so i would be the last to viset her, i would be the ending of this ritual of debt, it had taken me a month of hard work to get my little plan in place.

walking in the room, its well past midnight by the shadows. looking to my right i see the watch dog, no that is wrong, pack mate. i had aranged to watch. my lady may have done wrong, but we are a pack still.
the wight in my hand reminds me of why i am here. i know paval is lerking around to see what i have planed.

with a silance the makes any sound even more loud i cross the room. look in to her eyes long and hard. i see her take notice of the small changers, the ones that being ductus brings. i notice her consern for althow i know how this will play out she dont. also releafe that i have come. that pavial will have no quarm with the dawn eclips.

my silance makes her shift, she knows from our previous incounters how much i am capable of. a soft smile lights my lips, haunting. not like the over enagetic one all the esbbat has seen. no this one holds knolage unspoken.

in my arms i carry a prezent for your, something i know will strike more deep than a blade, burn her more than sun light. what i have is not for the bishop and to prove my worth. no its somthing much more personal, cunning and deadly should the wrong people find out about its exsistance.

i dont need to look, as i take off the purple verlvert, purple was for royalty and she is my lady. i still give her this honnor. under the cloth that i now spread on the floor and place the bust apon as if it was a plinth. picking the right shade of rose marble was hard, death tends to paler our complestions.
i see from the flicker of her eyes, i was very close in my guess. i wont say the thing on the floor was pritty, for i am noz. 

"my lady" i say as i straighten up. looking long at her letting the silance wrap around us, the words unspoken. we never did need words between maker and child, whole coversations in a eyes frown. my ladys eyes hold nothing but shear terror, dread hangs in the air like the stench of death.

with out a word i leave, i know cara is there, has seen, as well as others. after all this is a play. 
to her torment i leave my lady, soon this night will end and then bright day will bring change again.

change this time i controle more of, yes the balance of power is forever dipping and rising. letting my self smile and look up to the moon. greetings and slautations ivy, welcome home!
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she had to be creative that was quite clear and she was also going to be the last in the ordeal that her lady had indured. so with words to the new bishop, paval wasent it, yes. ivy had stopped thinking of him as a child, more a adult on the short side one that never quite got his full groth. ivy would be the last, which would leave a rather tattered husk to work with. oh she also did not think of it quite as mab eather.

many paths cross her mind, mental torcher, the quiet whipering in her makers ear? no unless he was there it would be for nothing and could strezz out her maker in a unwanted mannor.
pohapps melting of the flesh like others would have? no on spark, just the same old same old. 
humm she thinks, a show of horror a act that would disturb mab? yes this is getting some ware, but what? pondering that thought as others yelled for her attention.
there was the path of not hurting mab at all, just standing there yelling insolting things? but ivy knew she would soon run out of things to say and it would borr her to soon.
was harming her self alowed? the breaft flutter pushed away befor it was fully fledged.

no a action to distress mab, somthing she would have no controle over. it would be hard to beat some ot the more expronced people, after all ivy was just a young one and mab was old so more moddon things was usless to her. A slight smile lit up her face that she could see reflected in the monntor skreen.

mind wondering she thinks, not keeping your mind on the real job now are you my dear, the voice was ivys inner one, the one that was alittle quicker a little smarter, the one no one but mab would understand. it was not madness, just the true ivy the one that could kill, and plan torching her maker.

the next esbbat was in for a treet you could say. Jack wanted her to grow up, others wanted her to stop reminding them of there lost humanity, valadmer would no longer get a head ake from her srill pitched voice. no all would change. let others play the clown.

calling the local cat to her she reviewed how the house looked outside to mortal eyes. yes very normal, this was good. she could feel it that tell tail feeling of change, like water splitting to find the path of least resitonce. tummbling, dice rolling around on bair floor flashing up the resolt. she smiles and moves off into the night. there was work to be done, placers to go, people to advoide and most of all, her home to be wooed like a lover.
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the order came and like we all knew she would she left alone. but no order to stay behind was given, just the quiet words, she did not need us.
still i followed expecting at each step to be turned back. i was not and so there conversation i was privvy to. then when they move again i followed and was not stoped. it could have been i was expected to be my ladys shadow, for am i not at esbbat her constant thorn. and so it was part of the plan for my eyes to witness his actions.  still they arived at the destination and in i went still suprised that i was not driven back. no i was let quietly watch, as i let the ice take hold so i could rember. forced my self to watch, and not turn from her. to hear just so she knew it was not in vain. my precance so close yet a world away.

it was her sarifce to come, this was mine to record the poceadings. i had seen torcher before on the street. but he had skills even i had to marval at.  for now i am still gattering my thoughts and have a pack to keep strong. none shall stop the ritual that must be paformed, alas i must also bloody my hand to prove my worth and remind myself, i am not a child on the beach any more making sandcastles.

i dair not whisper to her, for i fear what i would say. i dair not touch her flesh, thow i want to fel her blood, to understand and bring comfort. no like stone i must observe, this will be one of my hardest jobs and i dont get payed.
if nothing i am having a good education in the book of nod, this should please my lady.
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