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This is a really old Tegan piece that I never posted up. It was written around the time Tegan was involved with Max Shrier (in a slightly dubiously semi-consensual fashion) and I think was vaguely seeing MSR, but was mostly in one of their 'off periods'.

I post it here mostly because I thought the 'talking to a mouse she was making' was cute, quite illustrative of how her mind works, and is probably how she creates her small and odd little beasties using sphere magic now.

I don't think this has gone up here before. If it has, I do apologise.

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In the window of Biers. Biers, reputedly, has the best insurance you can buy ('even for acts of God') but no one's entirely sure what this is going to get covered by.

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A short snippet from just after the Mortals game. It felt better before I started writing it, but kinda didn’t work out.

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Have rewritten part I because it wasn't half as good as it should have been. Then wrote part II because apparently my neurons had plenty more burbling to do on the subject.

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Some of this is true.
All right, very little of it is true, apart from all the stuff about the bread and the ergot.
Which is a bit freaky really.
Edit: Have rewritten swathes of this and now like it much better. Not that you care =P

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Of geasa

Jul. 26th, 2007 01:24 am
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