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Here's the final Nikki story. That I think covers The Pearly Lady's motivations, and what was really going on in those other stories I wrote. Though I think if you went back and read them again, in the light of those last events things would be pretty obvious.

As I've said I've no plans to bring her back as a PC. She may return as an NPC in the future, but in a very different way. Which is hinted at, at the end of the story. The hints have, for the record, been cleared with STs. :)

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Been thinking about Nikki's backstory for a while and wanted to write some of the early scenes in more detail. So my brain came up with that. If anyone' is interested in the extremely odd relationship between Nikki and his infamous sire. Its all here I think - at least how it all began.

Warning - contains exceptionally dodgy implied vampiric semi-incest.

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So in Year Two, Nikki went on a bit of an "Working Holiday" shall we say with Jack. During which time, his sire apparently decided to pay him a little visit. So yeah, decided I should wrie a little story about what happened there.

This is why its always good to have a methusla like Jack around when you decide to put a 5 point enemy on your character sheet...

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Hey everyone. Finally finished writing the 600 year epic romance that is the background for my Sabbat character Nikki. Really liked the story and wanted to write a little ficlet based one of the final scenes of it to put up here. Please do keep any information you garner about Nikki from reading this as strictly OOC :)

On a connected note, this whole business of naming fics after song titles and quoting them at the end of the fic is very new for me, just sort of randomly came about with the first Lir fic and seems to be sticking. Not sure if it will continue or not. Anyway, hope you enjoy, any feedback much appreciated as always.

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