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Aug. 17th, 2008 10:54 pm
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So I read a fic, that Sallie recently posted on one of her journals and for some reason this came into my head.

This is a bit of an experiment, as its pretty much the first time I've tried writing in the first person. So yeah.. hoping it works ok. Any feedback appreciated :)

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I absolutely refuse to be out drama-ed by Sally. So lets see what happened after Firinne left in that scene shall we?

Poor Valdez, such a sweet boy to have such looming complications in his unlife...

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Wasn't sure wether to post this up or not. And apologies for constantly bombarding this community with short stories :)

In the Firinne fic that [ profile] annwfyn wrote a little while back - she mentioned that Firinne had fond out everything she could about Valdez, including the 'girl he'd lost his virginity to'. I knew as soon as I read that there was clearly a story that had to be told there, because sex and Valdez, is never a simple business.

So yes, here's that bit of backstory now. Um... yeah, slight adult content warning obviously

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Was musing on Valdez, my new Cam character, and ways to get him into my head better, and thought seeing as he was something of a celebrity in the 'mortal world' I thought a magazine style interview might be appropriate. If you want any of your characters to have read this IC - thats all cool with me.
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So this is a response to the little fic that [ profile] annwfyn wrote about her character Firinne and her Childe, Valdez whom she invited me to play and make my own. What follows is essentially the exact same scene but from Valdez's perspective. Even though I've only played him once and haven't got a lot of background for him yet, he's probably the character thats exciting me the most write now - even more than Nikki, who's background is a little on the epic side.

Hope you enjoy

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