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And now, the last of the ZG competitions, being posted shamefully late. Damn my new job and the lack of internet access which is screwing my time!

We have ten pictures, which I'm about to post up.

Each is of someone's character. I want you to look at those pictures. Then comment at the bottom. Comments are screened for your anonymity.

I want you to judge each picture on how well it conveys the character, the skill involved in producing it, and just whether you like it or not. Then comment, listing your three favourite pics in order of preference, like so:

1) my favourite

2) my second favourite

3) my third favourite

We'll judge the pics based on this. Every time someone lists a picture as their no #1 they will get 3 pts, 2 pts for being #2, and 1 pt for being #3. The picture with the most points wins.

The deadline is noon tomorrow, so get posting!

And now, the pictures.

Picture One - Leslie Penhaligon: the younger years )

Picture Two - Marcus and Mallory: Beauty and the Beast )

Picture Three - Michael Stands Ready )

Picture Four - Brother Rot )

Picture Five - Coral: Black Fury )

Picture Six - Leslie Penhaligon: ScIeNcE )

Picture Seven - Firinne Devon )

Picture Eight - Grey Fur, Earthborn )

Picture Nine - Kieran Strachen )

Picture Ten - Ashriel )

And finally, can I thank everyone who entered, with a pic of their own character, or someone else's. You're all really talented.


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