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"Did you ever wonder...?" one woman asks, a little tentatively.

"Wonder about what?" the other asks.

"About her choice?"

"What good would that do?" the second woman says. "We both made our choice."

Somewhere very far away from that place... )

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I thought I'd post up some of the mini-fiction pieces that I wrote about Shadow whilst I played ZG. These aren't in any particular order, but for me the character just resonated on a level that I hadn't had before, and for which I am eternally greatful to annwfyn for helping me create.

The Night Before )
Shadow and Sulien )
Shadow at Home )

Shadow in the Storm )
Shadow, Meg and Aeryn )
Shadow's Run )
Shadow's Speech )
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Hello to ALL ex ZG PLAYERS....

I meant to ask this ages ago, but never got round to it.

I didn't attend the final battle IC, although I wish I could have; so all my knowledge of the 6th Age is somewhat piecemeal and second hand.

If you have the time - and I really hope you do - please can you list your characters, their venue, and in a brief sentence or two what they did or where they went in the 6th Age?

I don't require an essay or saga, it's more like a CV - what were they, where were they, and what did they try to do or become in the 6th Age?

I'd like to know for curiosity's sake, and also I think it would be a lovely 'afterward' for the ZG chronicle. (Above and beyond the 6th Age stories which have been written here already.)

C'mon, fill this in for everyone, for all of ZG and the crazy frustrating epic brilliance it entailed!

I know also that in ZG cannon everyone was encouraged to walk into their own sunset (as it were) and that there's a possibility some of those might conflict. In this case, please offer up the neutral option if it impinges specifically on another character/re-occurring NPC/etc.

For example, "In the 6th Age, I kill X' is not the best thing to say. However, "X is my enemy and I seek to thwart or destroy them whenever I can" is perfect and brilliant.

Perhaps what I'm really really after, is a set of notes and people who bridge the 6th Age and therefore getting a clue as to how long it lasts and whether there will be a 7th Age or even what it might be like...

For example: What Raven's characters/NPCs did in the 6th Age... )

Any other details, NPC or mayfly character not mentioned you're welcome to ask about, and that would be shiny.

But most shiny of all would be this post being archive to a host of stories and characters in crystal brief for the 6th Age.

You never know, that way maybe we could play a 7th...... =)
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Whilst trying to get my brain to transfer the various Sixth Age stories I still have to write from inside my skull, I’ve thought about what songs would go with various events.

The main one I’ve covered so far is the Apocalypse, so here goes:

The heroes assemble

Lesiem – Liberta

The armies arrive on the field

Hans Zimmer – Crimson Tide Main Theme

The battle begins

Taku Iwasaki – The Wars of the Last Wolves (Ruruoni Kenshin soundtrack)

The tide of battle turns

Michael Giacchino – Nero Death Experience (from the Star Trek soundtrack)

The last stand against the Wyrm

Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory

The last hero falls

Christopher Franke – Babylon 5 Sleeping in Light End Titles


Evanescence – Before the Dawn

The Sixth Age

Linkin Park – New Divide

Anyone else have any soundtrack ideas, or different tracks for this one?

Last words

Jan. 29th, 2010 06:29 pm
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“What will you do ?”

“Well, our duty here is done, we fought in the last battle … and then the one after it.
We’ve even seen the defeat of the Antichrist and there’s not many that could say that”.

But ….. what will you do now ?

Well we’ve patched up the ship so after consultation with the crew, the consensus is we look for the maiden with the inky fingers, as some of our new crew labelled her, and see if she can show us the way.
As one of the new ones said we save the Ferryman and we save the world

But you don’t know where she is ?
Or even if she still exists ?

She’s not dead. That much we know.
So we’ll take our little fleet and we’ll just go looking for her.

How long for ?
As long as it takes.
After all we have all the time in the world

But you’ve slaughtered the quick – You’ve broke every part of your Dictum Mortuum !

Yes I have foresworn myself. I have broken every law I have sworn to uphold, I have become what I beheld and I am content that I have done right! But, if I get this lot home then maybe I’ll get some measure of forgiveness.

You’ll never be free of me Archie – wherever you go – there I’ll be.

I know, Shadow, so maybe there’s a chance for us both.


Good game people & my compliments to both the ST team and the players involved. 
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I've got ideas bouncing around in my head at the moment for a tabletop game set at the end of the sixth age, based relatively closely on the ZG end-game, though I have been making a few changes to best fit into what I want to exist in my game.

I'll post my background when I've finished it so people can have a look if they want. What I would like now is some ideas for the Garou. I've seen things I'm gonna use for Mages and Vampires, but only have a couple of ideas for Werewolves, and they're not based on anything actual characters have done. Anyone got any PCs or NPCs out there who might found something that stands half a chance of surviving the Age, or got any ideas as to what there might be other than Spirals?

ETA - The game's going to be set in mainland Britain, 'cause I can.
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Partly to add my thanks to what other have been saying, particularly to Sally for running a Garou game that kept me travelling the breadth of the country once a month for a couple of years. It's been fun.

Also, to post a bit of fiction that wouldn't get out of my head until I wrote it down. It's a bit speculative, set as it is a millennium hence. I'm not sure this is quite what Sally had in mind for Alex's Fate, but it amused me enough to write it.

Clicky (I can't think of a witty title) )
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Caine begs forgiveness; and kneels at last.

A thousand miles away, a woman dressed in the battered armour of a saint hears his prayer. She hears it in her blood, hears it in the soft uplifting rush of her spirit, hears it in the final silence of her Beast.

For the first time in over a century, Firinne Devon sees the possibility of her own redemption. She sees a peace that she has not known since her Sire took her amidst the Dublin ruins.

To her left, a man clad in battered combats looks at her with clear blue eyes.

“Don’t back out on me now,” he says, with the kind of tone which indicates that he isn’t really asking, and Firinne has a sneaking suspicion that the choice she is actually making now is ‘live forever as the last survivor of the line of Villon’ or ‘live forever as the first of the line of Pints’.

Firinne grins.

She has too much work to do to just lie down and die now anyway.


A thousand miles from there, Tegan O’Riordan is past caring. She has already made her choice, made her sacrifice. Even Caspian’s final act, removing London from time, doesn’t affect her. Rather, the little island in the Thames just shifts a little. It needs to be accessible. It needs to be there for everyone.

In the months since the Final Battle, more people have come, trickling in. Crops have been planted, and the people who live there have lit the fires that will get them through the winter. The air is sweet and clean, and there’s a small pond where the children have been skating, skidding gloriously and free on the snow touched ice.

There’s a young woman there with violet eyes, who watches over all this with satisfaction from beneath a great spreading tree. She lays a palm flat against the trunk and smiles softly.

“Thank you, mother” she says.

It is no woman, but a tawny coloured cat which pads quietly away.


No one knows what has happened to Carla Obertus, or ‘Rissa the Corax, or any of a dozen other small and slightly peculiar women who were seldom (but sometimes) in the same place at the same time.

The SFS arrive at the strange underground city that Firinne and Kieran made for them to discover that their personal possessions have been nearly unpacked in their new quarters. The entire city has been warded, using magics from another, long forgotten age. The wards, a carefully typed note (with a small dent in one corner from the tweezers which were used to handle it), should last for a thousand years.

The woman who performed the rituals has gone.


The Thousand Years of Darkness are beginning. In the future, men will tell tales of the great heroes.

One day, stories will be told of the Memory Keepers, who bore witness for the dead, and never feared the dark. The Ashen King, who stood at their head, will be half-legend, half-god, and warriors will brand the mark of the Ashen King's Valkyrie consort into their arms for good luck before battle.

One day, a sword will found, in the roots of a dead and twisted tree. In the hand of the pure and perfect warrior, the sword will begin to glow with a silver light.

One day, a monster will die at the end of that sword, as the sun rises, bright and glorious over the horizon.

One day...
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"Where's that fucking music coming from?"

The slaves panic, running from room to room. The punk rock tune is blasting through the entire building, resonating off the glass and impossible to escape . . . impossible to track down. They know their master will kill scores of them for this later, but the faster the music ends, the more chance each of them has for survival.

As five or six of the armed security men turn a corner, they spot an open window, curtains billowing in. A thin, pale figure in a black hockey jersey crouches, about to jump...


He looks up, and grins.

"Oh no. Quite the opposite..."

The music crescendos; "Coming at you on a count of . . . one, two"

The man leaps backwards, pirouetting neatly in a perfect arc. The monster's slaves reach for their weapons to fire and . . .


Fire blossoms.


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